What are five factors to consider while purchasing paintings online?


  1. Verification

Try to verify the identity & reputation of your art vendor by contacting their previous customers through their “Gallery”.

Most likely, if people are satisfied with their services, they will gladly leave a few lines both on social networks and independently – just make sure if your vendor does not run them.

  1. Research

Another useful way of judging the reputation of an online gallery or abstract art paintings is to research some details from their website.

For example, try to find out how long this company has been operating and check if there have been many changes in its staff or policies over that period. Any suspicious activity should set off alarm bells for you straight away!

  1. Try to contact the seller directly

Ask them about all the tricky questions you might have on your mind right now to get more information before making a purchase. For example, ask about payment options, delivery costs.

And also, look at their response time (do they immediately respond or take several days?). All these factors will help you decide whether this is a reputable company or not.

There are no “do-overs” or refunds if you buy a painting that turns out to be a fake or doesn’t match the description provided by your vendor. So consider this as another reason NOT TO buy cheap paintings from dubious vendors (or even places like eBay).

  1. Reputable sellers

It is hard to find reputable sellers selling original artworks (especially since even big companies sometimes get scammed). Still, it’s always better to play safe and do some research first. If your current situation requires urgency.

Looking for alternatives might be an option for you! But keep in mind that they should at least have the proper certificates of authenticity, and their prices should also reflect this quality. Many people fall victim to scams because they buy cheap paintings from unreliable sources.

  1. Certifications

It’s important to note that if the paintings sold through this method are actually fake (and high chances are they are), then all such documents originating from these artists would also be fake. No artist would ever ask for money to buy proper certificates!

Online auction site and contains millions of items for sale every day. Obviously, fake paintings can also be found on such sites, so keep watch out whenever you’re purchasing artworks from them!

You may think you’re getting a good deal for that oil painting or buy abstract art you’ve always wanted to buy, but the chances are you won’t! If no official government organization regulates these markets. Always make sure art galleries have an established reputation and above all. Inspect and document any suspicious paintings before buying!

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