4 facts you should know about sola flowers before purchasing them


It is a necessity to have the best-looking flowers in events like wedding celebrations and other special parties you have planned along the year. Traditional flower options have been around for a while, however that should not blind you from checking out other great options. If you can consider using sola flowers for your wedding, several great benefits are waiting in store for you. Sola flowers are wooden flowers made from special trees and they can be customized to resemble almost any type of flowers you would want. Find out more details about this type of flower if you are open-minded to ordering bulk sola wood flowers for your next event.

Are budget-friendly

For every party, budgeting takes the most energy and discipline. Your search for the perfect flowers can easily be misguided by costly floral options quoted by the florist. If you, however, have a sola option for your floral decoration, the budget can fit for whatever options you have in mind. Unlike the costly traditional flowers, when ordering n bulk you can save more on sola floral decorations today. They are not just eco-friendly but also ideal for any budget based on the party being planned for.

Adaptable flower options

The versatility of the wooden flowers makes them very ideal for any event that you have planned in mind. This is due to their ability to be customized into whichever color you want for the event. They are long-lasting and with the right maintenance, these flowers should be able to serve you for years. They can be a perfect solution for your flower needs which will vary depending on the event that you need them for. You only need the right water spray acrylics or paints, fabric paints to use for improving the aesthetic appeal of your flower.

Allows for a custom scent

Many people have different forms of allergies that could make them very sensitive. The biggest challenge of purchasing traditional floral options is the pollens released by the flowers affecting members of the congregation. Besides pollen, the scent of the flowers can be disturbing to the guests which is the reason choosing custom wood flowers may be ideal for your event. These wooden flowers can be sprayed with whatever fragrance you choose that is safe for you and your guests.

It will serve you for long

Are you well versed with the storage of wooden flowers? If this is your first time, you need a guide to learn how to care for your flowers perfectly. To begin with, handle them with care to prevent crushing the petals of the flower. You will also need to be careful when painting, to use just the right amount of moisture and allow it for sufficient drying time which should be not less than 24 hours. Unlike traditional flowers, these sola flowers can manage the heat of summer without dropping, especially if that is when your wedding will be hosted.

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