Most Relaxing Ways to Enjoy a Day at the Pool


If the life of the average person living in modern society is any indication, your life is probably very stressful.  Whether you are balancing a busy class and homework schedule, navigating deadlines and inter-office politics, or trying to manage a household, you have a lot on your plate.  Modern life is an inundation of deadlines, information, and news headlines all screaming for attention and it can be very easy to become quickly overwhelmed and to need a break from it all.  

Finding ways to relax and unwind from all the stress is a requirement to make it through a work week, a school week, or just life in general.  For a lot of people, the best time to unwind is summer time.  Regardless of your lifestyle or routine, you most likely have the most free time during the summer.  For a student, summer means no homework, no class schedule, and less stress.  For a working professional, summer often means fewer clients, relaxed deadlines, and vacation.  For someone with a family, summer means reaping the benefits of the lighter schedules of those in your household who are students or who are in the workplace.  But for just about everyone, summer is about mitigating stress and being able to unwind.

Turning Your Pool into a Place to Unwind

If you have a backyard pool and the weather is decent enough to use it, chances are at least part of you would rather be in the water no matter what you are doing.  One of the reasons for this is that turning your pool into a place of relaxation is such an easy way to burn off stress and lessen your anxiety.  When you are stressed, your body is constantly on edge, your brain is operating at about 130%, and your heart is working overtime.  You need to find a way to slow your heart rate, let your brain cool down, and just unwind.  

Getting the most possible enjoyment from your pool is pretty simple; accessorize in such a way that allows you the most relaxation with the least amount of effort.

For example, if you find yourself getting dehydrated while you are out on the water for an extended period of time but you do not really want to get out, look into getting a floating cooler for your drinks.  Keep them cool, keep them close, and stay hydrated without having to dry off!

Best Accessories for an Enjoyable Pool Day

Regardless of whether or not you are in your own pool, a community pool, or just on a completely different body of water like a lake, you are just trying to relax.  Turning your day on the water into your own private oasis for your friends and family is easier than it sounds.

In addition to the cooler mentioned above, there are so many other products to invest in that will boost your enjoyment of your time on the water.  Here are just a few:

  • Beach towels: customized or personalized beach towels are a great way to express your personality and give yourself a comfortable place to lay down and sunbathe.  They come in a number of patterns and colors, and you can find one for any personality type.
  •  Lawn or beach chairs: whether you are at your own pool or another pool, having a place to sit once you get out of the water is super important.  Grab a retro looking lawn chair as the perfect addition to your summer hangout.
  • Beach totes: no matter where you are in the sun, you NEED sunscreen! Enjoying the benefits of the sun also means you have to avoid the harmful UV rays and protect your skin.  Keep all your beach products, some snacks, and your sunscreen in a tote.
  • Pool Floats: if you are planning a day in the water but you do not want to fully commit to being actually underwater the entire time, something like a pool float is the solution you need.  

What Pool Float Should You Buy?

Pool floats come in all shapes and sizes, from $3.50 floats that will probably fall apart after four minutes in the water to $700 floats that could practically be boats or life rafts.  You can get a personal, more traditional tube-shaped float in a variety of patterns, or you can go all the way up to something like a crown pool float, a floating island of royalty that seats up to five adults comfortably. You and your friends and family can all unwind together this summer, letting the water carry you wherever it wants.

In Summary

Getting maximum enjoyment and relaxation out of your pool days this year is completely possible.  By accessorizing in the most efficient way, you can not only express your personality but you can give yourself the best chance to unwind and minimize your anxiety on the water.   


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