How to Enjoy the Effects of Marijuana without Smoking: Edibles and Cannabutter


Below we will explain how to make cannabutter (butter infused with weed). Cannabutter is put directly on food, in coffee, and used in a variety of recipes! Cannabutter is one of the most common ways to create marijuana edibles.

Decarboxylation is the most crucial step in making your very own cannabutter. There are two popular ways to decarb your weed.
The first way is the oven method. This method requires a pan, parchment paper, and of course, an oven. Preheat your oven to 245 F. Place parchment paper on a pan and spread the weed out evenly. Place the pan in the oven for 30-40 minutes (time may vary depending on the age of marijuana buds). Every 10 minutes or so, mix the weed around to ensure equivalent exposure to the heat. Remove from the oven and set the weed to the side.
The second and most efficient way of decarboxylation of weed is called the water bath method. Heat water in a saucepan on the stove or a container with a heater, not allowing it to surpass 205 F. Use a boil-safe bag. Place the marijuana inside the bag and seal it, make sure all of the air is out. Allow the bag of weed to sit in the heated water for 80-95 minutes. Remove and let cool. Regardless of which method you choose, the decarbed weed is now ready to be made into cannabutter!

The next step is grinding the weed using a marijuana grinder. A manual weed grinder will suffice, but an electric weed grinder can eliminate a lot of the work in this step. Set the ground weed aside.
Melt ½ cup of butter (the higher the fat content, the better) and ½ cup of water in a saucepan. Once the mixture is heated (between 170 F and 190 F), add your decarbed marijuana and stir. Allow mixture to simmer for two and a half hours, stirring occasionally. DO NOT ALLOW THIS MIXTURE TO BOIL.

When time is up, allow the weed/butter mixture to cool for 20-30 minutes.
While your soon-to-be cannabutter is cooling, you’ll need to gather your cheesecloth and funnel. Drape the cheesecloth over the funnel, not tightly but secure enough so that the cloth does not fall through the hole. Place the funnel inside the mouth of the mason jar in which you plan to store your cannabutter. Take your cooled saucepan and carefully pour the mixture through the cheesecloth through the funnel. Make sure you don’t spill any or allow any weed particles to pass through the cheesecloth. Place your cannabutter-filled mason jar in the refrigerator.

It will take a few hours to cool completely. When the butter is thoroughly cooled, it is ready to enjoy! Dosage varies depending on weed quality and the amount used. Grinder quality also can play a factor; check out superior electric and manual grinder options at Wakit Grinders. Do your research and measure your marijuana carefully to ensure proper dosage. Edibles and cannabutter are great alternatives to smoking.

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