History And Types Of Terrarium Present In Terrarium Workshop Singapore


A terrarium can be defined as a vessel that is sealed to produce its ecosystem. In simple terms, a terrarium is a glass container that consists of soil, plants, and rocks with moisture that has its environment and is self-sufficient. Plants recycle the water that is already present inside the vessel and consume sunlight from the transparent glass container. The history of the terrarium in the world and the Terrarium Workshop Singapore and the types available are mentioned below. Read more to find out!

History of terrariums:-

Nathaniel Ward, a scientist from the victorian era, decided to observe an insect that would live around a certain plant. He noticed that he could not grow the plant outside in his garden due to the pollution around. That’s why he decided to keep the plant in the jar and keep the insect beside it. Unfortunately, too busy in his daily routine, he completely forgot about his jar and came too late.

To his surprise, a tiny seedling from the plant had fallen and planted itself into the soil inside the jar. This made him very curious as to how it happened. Finally, he discovered that plants could be encased in a jar, improving their growth and being self-sustainable.

Terrariums were firstly called Wardian boxes to pay tribute to Nathaniel Ward. After the second world war, the shortage of crops increased, and Singapore started making small terrariums to export plants. This, in turn, turned into a business, and many terrarium shops were opened in Singapore.

Types of terrarium:-

There are majorly two available types of terrarium. They are as follows:-

  1. Open type:- 

For plants adapted to a drier climate and need more sunlight, an open terrarium suits them better.

  1. Closed type:-

Plants that need more water and moisture to grow (majorly almost 90% type of plants are better in closed types).

Terrariums are a major discovery when it comes to the transportation of exotic plants that die easily. If you liked this article, make sure to comment on your thoughts below.

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