Alcohol Delivery Singapore Gets New Alcohol Drinks To Try!


Alcoholic beverages are many to choose from. Wines and whiskies have endless varietals and brands worldwide. Are there any other types still popular in the region? Yes, some alcohols are not yet popular throughout the world. But now, with the widespread dealers like alcohol delivery Singapore, they are possible to have in and around the city.

What Are The Types?

Along with concentrated tonics, there are some ready to consume drinks like:

  1. Hard Seltzers: Mix of alcohol and sparkling water, the tonic is flavoured and completely calorie-conscious. There is a range of flavours in fruits and berries, which is well enjoyed with a slice of lemon in chilled ice cubes.
  2. Soju: Quite popular in Korea, the drink is made of fermented rice and can have a varied alcoholic proportion per brand. As it is consumed directly, there are different flavours available, from green grapes to strawberries.
  3. Ale And Mixtures: They are usually accompanied by spirit or gin to dilute the concentrate and enhance the flavours. Ginger ale, Elderflower tonic or grapefruit ale infused with natural extracts are sometimes chosen as extras with a refreshing drink.

Trying out the new varietals isn’t difficult as the online dealers are easy to access and place orders for quick deliveries.

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