Do You Know How To Handle 1911 holsters?


1911 pistols are iconic in terms of their slim and powerful design, with rough and tough usage. It is not a piece of cake to carry a gun one day and emerge as John Wick the next day. There is a long training and practice period on which you learn the basics and advanced holster training. The 1911 holsters need a little patience before you master them.

What are 1911 holsters?

1911 holsters are the special small cases that secure the mouth of your 1911 pistols. They cover your gun from the trigger to the muzzle in a tight fit, so that the movements of the hammer and the safety lock are restricted. And the gun stays in the position without any hassle. Numerous designs and fits are available though.

Why are 1911 holsters a great carry?

You may have heard that a 1911 pistol is a proficient gun, which makes them a good carry gun. And for these good carry guns, you need such great carry 1911 holsters. Read and find out why it is said so.

  • Great ergonomics of pistols: Since the guns have a great structure and science applied to their structure, they are quite comfortable to hold. And thus, the holsters designed also have a great grip angle, balanced weight distribution, tough appearance, and a good bore axis. These holsters are made for a comfortable fit so that the pistol stays stable.


  • A lot many gun options: Since there are a lot many types of 1911 pistols available in the market, there is a huge variety of 1911 holsters available for you. Ranging from .22LR to .45 ACP, 9mm to 10 mm, .40 to .45 Super, these holsters can be customized as per your requirements to serve you the best performance.
  • Easy concealment: The grip and muzzle of the 1911 pistols vary a lot, but their svelte is tiny, which makes 1911 holsters a pretty good deal in concealing the guns. A little bit of position adjustment, and you’re all set to go with a gun hidden under your clothes. However, a good holster still needs a good and strong belt that could support your firearm and prevent accidents.

Tips for a great 1911 holster carry

If you want to master the holster carry without causing any accident, learn the basic points given here.

  • Whichever gun you have in your hand, you must choose the right holster for it. Any unmanaged or loose holster could cause injuries. Thus, the holster better is comfortable.
  • Never carry your gun unlocked. Always keep in mind that the gun you’re carrying is a dangerous weapon it can kill. Therefore, keep your gun locked and cocked with the hammer down safely in the holster.
  • Train properly before you carry a gun is necessary to try practicing the drawing of the gun from the holster and putting it back. Don’t damage your holster on your own by playing with it.
  • If you a trying the concealed carry position be careful and control your muscle movements, don’t overstep and cause an accident.

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