Top 7 Factors To Consider When Buying the Men’s Monogrammed Robe


There’s no denying that the monogrammed robe is a classy outfit. Incredibly, some women fancy the sight of a man dressed in a trendy monogrammed robe. Similarly, fashion enthusiasts attribute the trendy nature of the robe to the olden days when kings wore the royal purple robe.

For men, though, the choice of the robe overrides everything. So, what are the essential considerations when buying the mens monogrammed robe?

Purpose of the Robe

The men’s monogrammed robe is versatile, hence used for various purposes. While some use it at home, others may carry it when attending special occasions.

Below are common uses of the monogrammed robe:

  • An after bath clothing to keep the body warm.
  • A suitable outfit worn around the house during cold weather.
  • An ideal cover-up when doing outdoor chores.
  • Perfect gym wear.

The Desired Look and Style

Robes come in different styles, each having front pockets and a matching belt.

Common styles include;

Kimono Robe

The style draws inspiration from the ancient Japanese dressing styles. It features wide sleeves and a flat neckline that allows easy movement.

Shawl Collar Robe

The trendy style borrows heavily from the Housecoats of the 19th century. Typically, the style was synonymous with the royal families and is still prevalent.

Heavyweight Robe

The style is ideal for enhancing warmth during cold weather. It features a heavy robe with a large hood to keep the body warm.

Type of Fabric

Monogrammed robes are made of different fabrics, ranging from light to heavyweight. Thick fabric is ideal for extra warmth during cold weather but may be too hot in summer. Similarly, some fabrics combine different materials to enhance strength and durability.

Men’s monogrammed robes may be available in the following fabrics:

Micro fleece: ideal for those looking to keep warm by trapping body heat.

Turkish Cotton: has stronger threads and dries faster even in cold weather.

Poly-cotton: combines cotton and polyester, with cotton being the dominant element. It is durable and flexible enough to allow customization of the robe.

Color Shade

Like other outfits, monogrammed robes come in various color shades. While some styles have two standard colors, some may have six color combinations. The most important factor is for the wearer to choose a suitable color matching their preference.

Customization Options

Some people prefer to customize the robe further after buying. For instance, an individual may prefer to make the sleeves shorter for better comfort during warm weather.

Other customizable options include;

  • Designing an embroidery logo.
  • Vinyl printing.
  • Writing a name or initials on the robe.

Size of the Robe

An ideal men’s monogrammed robe should perfectly fit the wearer. As a result, they come in various sizes, including medium, small, large, extra-large, and double extra large. In addition, there are size points to consider when purchasing a robe, namely;

  • Length.
  • Sleeve.
  • Armpit.
  • Sweep.
  • Cuff.

Additional Matching Accessories

A monogrammed robe is not a sole outfit. For this reason, some people may wear it alongside other accessories such as slippers, body wrap, or a luxury towel.

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