Tips on Buying penis envy shrooms Online Safely


It is a fact that shrooms have been used as a medicine and recreational drug since ancient times. Supplements with shrooms have become increasingly popular in the last decade, and with good reason.

There are many benefits of consuming shrooms, and they come in many different varieties. The effects of shrooms vary from person to person and are dependent on many different factors, including dosage, genetics, and personal chemistry. This article provides tips on how to safely purchase shrooms online, particularly the popular penis envy shrooms. 

Buy From Trusted Sources

It is important to buy your shrooms from a trusted source. This will ensure that you are getting the correct shrooms and that they are not laced with other drugs. There are many different varieties of shrooms, so it is important to know what you are buying to get the desired effect.

Don’t Buy Fake or Super-Dense Shrooms

You should be wary of shrooms that are advertised as “organic” or “magic”. This is a marketing ploy to get you to buy fake shrooms at a higher price. You should also avoid buying shrooms that are advertised as being stronger than others, particularly in terms of doses per gram.

These types of shrooms are usually dehydrated and super dense, which can cause toxicity and overdose in high doses. If you want to purchase healthy, fresh shrooms, look for vendors who provide photographs of their products, with weights on the packages so that you know exactly how much you’re getting. It’s important to remember that shrooms are not regulated by the FDA and there is no safety regulation for quality assurance.

Try Different Doses

The effects of shrooms can vary from person to person and are dependent on many different factors, including dosage, genetics, and personal chemistry. If you’re interested in trying shrooms for the first time, it’s important to start with a lower dose. A logical starting dose would be 1-2 grams. This is a moderate dose that should provide mild visual and audio distortion.

Take Proper Precautions For Shroom Purchase

While it is possible to buy shrooms online, there are some precautions you should take. The first precaution is to make sure that the vendor you’re purchasing from has a good reputation. You should also ask them how they ensure the shrooms are fresh and how they maintain their supply.

You should also use an escrow service when purchasing shrooms. Escrow services will hold onto your payment until the vendor sends you the product, so there is little risk of fraud or scams. A good escrow service will have an established reputation and offer buyer protection and dispute resolution services.


Different people react differently to different dosages of shrooms. It is best to start with a small dosage, such as a quarter of a teaspoon. When you feel that the desired effects are achieved, you can gradually increase your dosage.


Psychedelics refer to drugs that can cause psychedelic experiences. These are often hallucinogens, but the term may also refer to dissociative drugs. Examples of psychedelic use include ayahuasca, shrooms, and LSD. The best shrooms should have the best psychedelic effects, without any dangerous side effects.

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