The Exciting New World Of Electric Dirt Biking!


Dirt biking looks like a ton of fun, zooming down the trail over bumps and jumps, ploughing across streams, and climbing seemingly impossibly steep rocks to gaze out at New Zealand’s natural glory. You would really like to try it, but there’s something that puts you off, and that something is the petrol-powered internal combustion engine. The ear-splitting noise, the stench of the exhaust, and the fact that you are polluting the very nature you came to enjoy combine to be so discouraging you have decided to give it all a hard pass.

Well, do we have some good news for you! Let is introduce you to a new breed of off-road vehicles that run nearly silently other than a gentle hum, and that do not require the use of fossil fuels at all! Meet the Segway dirt ebike x260, an electric-powered machine that can do everything its forbearers did and more, but without all the screeching and smells, making it completely eco-friendly! This is the new way to ride, fast and quiet, allowing you to savour the wilderness without harming it, making you feel as if you and your ebike have somehow combined to create a new kind of organism, human and machine working together almost as if you were a native creature meant to be there.

The dirt ebike is a relative newcomer to the New Zealand off-road biking scene, but it’s quickly becoming a favourite. We have already touched upon the allure of their quiet, non-polluting nature, which also has other inherent advantages such as not being frightening to animals, and allowing riders to enter areas that the old combustion bikes would not be welcome in. Moreover, dirt ebikes need far less maintenance thanks to the lack of costly parts and services like oil changes, coolant, engine servicing, or spark plugs. Combine all that with the greatly reduced cost of running an electronic vehicle that doesn’t require expensive fossil fuels!

All a dirt ebike really needs is a battery, an electric motor, two wheels and a frame, and that’s pretty much it! They don’t even need to have gears, since they have the ability to use 100% of their torque straight from the line. The advantages of all this become abundantly clear when operating in the places riders love best, muddy flats, sand dunes, and rocky tracks leading up hills even goats might decide against traversing! Since bikes designed for the rugged world of off-road use spend a greater amount of time braking and accelerating than any others, the ebike’s characteristics are a much better option than combustion ever was.

Another great advantage the dirt ebike has is the use of batteries. Instead of having to transport litres of heavy (and volatile!) liquid fuel into the great outdoors, all that’s needed are fairly lightweight batteries that can be carried in the backseat of a car instead of requiring an open truck bed. Now you can enjoy clean dirt biking with a clean conscience!

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