Best silver Wholesale jewelry with NDA protection


Are you tired of seeing the same jewelry models everywhere? Would you like to own a silver piece of jewelry exclusively done for you? Are you a retail jewelry store owner trying to find a Wholesale jewelry place with an affordable range of ornaments that would help you nourish your business? Here, at Honk Factory, there is a master brain behind every piece created, and you wouldn’t find yet another dull silver ornament.

Hong Factory is one of the leading wholesale jewelry manufacturers from Thailand, who has delivered thousands of silver jewelry designs to retailers and gained satisfied customers across Asia since 1971. They specialize in designing sterling silver jewelry and own an enormous Marcasite collection that would surely make you mesmerized. Every design is carefully curated by talented craftsmen across Thailand, leaving no room for flaws.

What’s unique?

Hong Factory Wholesale jewelry owners manufacture NDA-protected, advanced ODM-OEM  jewelry to ensure customers wouldn’t find duplicates of their purchase pieces. Even while You choose a cheap earring as daily wear or the most pricey necklace for your special occasion, the quality of the gemstones used and the perfection maintained in laying them out can be witnessed. The newly arrived marcasite rings, pendants, and earrings became trendsetters soon as they launched. To know more about these latest products and their price details, check out the official website.

If you are not much into gold jewelry and wouldn’t want to wear pearls either, you can try out the extensive silver jewlery designs from Hong Factory, made of high-quality sterling silver, that lasts forever. Among the plethora of jewelry collections, rings and necklaces indeed take up a prominent position.

  • Wholesale rings

Suppose you are a ring lover, who would like to stack up two or three silver band rings, or you wish to wear a single round with an intricate design and valuable stones. In that case, you can check out the massive collection of Marcasite rings, where you will indeed find anything you dream of. Agate Baguette band ring, Round turquoise cluster ring, peacock cocktail with 5 agate, oval onyx prong halo, oval onyx with fancy halo, statement cushion onyx, and marcasite halo are just a few to name. The sparkling marcasite swirl 3D model spiral ring is sure to win anyone’s heart who is looking for some sophisticated, one-of-a-kind design.

  • Wholesale Necklaces

Who wouldn’t want to have an elegant neckpiece that adorns their neck and matches their OOTD and to stand out from the crowd on their special day? Hong Factory is all set to amaze its customers with some mind-blowing neckpieces, hanging and tight-fitting ones, with precious stones and tangled designs that will make any ordinary outfit classy and luxurious. You can check out the Hong Factory website, where you would be welcomed with the most complex structures showing artisans’ skillset across Thailand. Their creativity has brought out some unique neckpieces with ruby, pearls, Agate, or customized necklaces with the gemstones of your choice.


It would be challenging to find a piece of jewelry that won’t fade even when you use it regularly or something budget-friendly yet trending. Hong Factory manufacturers have immense confidence that they would be able to meet all your discrete jewelry needs. Every single piece leaves the store with a lifetime promise that you will look stunning every time you pair your outfit with a Hong Factory signature silver piece.

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