4 Tips for Buying the Right Restaurant Uniforms for Your Staff


If you are preparing your restaurant for a new job or just buying uniforms, it’s important to prioritize the first impression you will make. Being in a restaurant industry means that you should visit https://www.kentaur.com/int/c/chef-coats to buy durable aprons, server shirts, and waiter pants, just to name a few.

To be successful in the industry, you need to stand out in the market, and the right outfits will offer you just that. Making a statement through staff uniforms is usually an overlooked way of converting intrigued foodies into a loyal customer base. This is why you need to consider the following tips to make the right choice:

  1. Consider the Style to Reflect Your Message

The uniforms your staff puts on have a big impact on your customers. Choosing the best styles to rely on the kind of message you want to send to your customers. It may also depend on the type of customers you need to attract to your restaurant.

The style of attires should reflect your message. For instance, if your restaurant caters to upscale dining experiences and business associates, your staff needs to dress-up in formal-like uniforms and complete with ties and vests. However, if it caters to families, choosing casual outfits would be a perfect option.

  1. Prioritize Comfort

Uniforms, including chef jackets, are made of cotton or polyester-cotton blends. These materials are not flame-retardant, but they offer a barrier between your skin and heat source. Attires made of pure cotton are breathable and may help to wick sweat away from your staff members. On the other hand, cotton-polyester blends don’t wrinkle, but their comfort and breathability are wildly variable.

Usually, restaurant uniforms represent a visible part of your establishment’s culture and concept, so comfortable outfits may contribute a lot to a happy working environment. Therefore, the best way to get such attires is to involve servers and cooks in decision making.

  1. Put Your Brand into Consideration

Uniforms play a vital role in your branding. This is because when your employees wear their uniforms, they serve as a walking marketing tool for your restaurant.

Whether you want your employees to look casual and sporty or professional and elegant, uniforms should reflect your brand’s identity. You can also add logos to the outfits so they can quickly become what individuals think of when they see them.

  1. Choose a Suitable Color

Warm colors express speed and energy. This is the reason you will get staff members wearing yellow, orange, and red attires in fast food restaurants. However, in a venue where you need to enjoy and relax, calm colors, such as purple and blue, can be great.

The green color is also linked to natural elements, and in the restaurant business, it can be associated with healthy dishes, home-grown ingredients, and eco-friendly practices. Therefore, choose the best color of uniforms depending on what you want your restaurant to symbolize.

Concluding Remarks!

Regardless of the type of restaurant you operate, it’s important to buy outfits for your staff members. Whether you want casual or professional attire, tips like prioritizing comfort, choosing the best color, and considering your restaurant’s brand will surely improve your buying experience.

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